Empowering the Creator Economy

The NFT promise

We believe in the promise of NFTs to forge new creative partnerships.

Between creators and collectors.

Between brands and fans.

Between art galleries and art lovers.

But there has been a missing ingredient: trust. We’re helping to build the missing trust layer in the NFT space.

Contact us to learn how we’re working to bolster the Creator Economy — and to make good on the enormous promise of NFTs.

Let us airdrop you an NFT!

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The Amberfi solution

Amberfi solves two big problems in Web3.

The complexity problem. Confused or intimidated by the current NFT landscape? Youre not alone. Our Creative Department and tech team are working together to make NFT minting, selling and collecting much simpler, more intuitive — and way more fun.  

The fraud problem. The Amberfi solution tackles head on the growing problem of NFT piracy. We dont believe its a sustainable business model when NFT marketplaces profit off fraudulent works. Fraud hurts creatives, collectors and erodes the foundation of trust needed to support any thriving ecosystem.  

Thats just one of the reasons brands and creatives with valuable IP are turning to us every day.  

A space for all of us

If you feel like the current NFT landscape was built for someone else and not you, well, you have a point. 

Cerulean Blue is here to make NFTs accessible to the rest of us. 

Were starting out by providing resources, how-to videos and FAQs. By creating an engaged community of passionate collectors and creatives. And by showcasing emerging talents — and lifting every voice.

Our upcoming NFT discovery hub will be a welcoming place for all people with historically less access to creative resources, including women, ethnically diverse groups, the LGBTQIA community and others.